There is no wrong time to make the right move
Congratulations on taking a very important step regarding your future. Long-term care coverage can be a valuable tool in your financial and retirement planning. CalPERS Long-Term Care coverage is designed to provide benefits for you, should you need assistance with the activities of daily living due to an injury, illness or aging.

Please read this important information as you decide which plan is best for you. For more general information about long-term care, please see Long-Term Care Basics.

Cost of Care

Learn more about the average cost of long-term care services across the United States. Use the Cost of Care Calculator to help you determine the amount of money you will need to set aside each month to pay for future long-term care costs.

Plan Details

CalPERS Long-Term Care offers Comprehensive and Partnership plans to provide a variety of flexible coverage options. Both plans offer a comprehensive set of benefits that include home and facility care.

Get a Quote

Use the CalPERS Long-Term Care premium calculator to help estimate the cost of coverage. Simply enter your age, select a plan of your choosing and the options you want. You’ll get a quote quickly and easily, and you can compare quotes based on different plans and options.


Are you ready to apply for coverage? You can download an application kit to your computer, or request one be sent to you.